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Find Your Actual Factual Ancestors:
A Genealogy Journey in 8 Steps

The key to building your actual, factual pedigree is to accept only your own relatives not someone else’s. And how do you know who those ancestors are?  Find Your Actual, Factual Ancestors, a great family history how-to book, answers that question on three levels at the same time: tools to determine if any given person could possibly be your ancestor; progressive research activities starting with you to prove your relationships; 8 steps in the research cycle to ensure there are no gaps in your family. Put your history back in your family, and make it right with the information in this book.
This book was created by LaRae Free Kerr, who holds a masters of education in occupational training management. It starts with stellar ideas that must replace erroneous ones then moves on to reveal many ways to document your pedigree, starting with yourself.  Every idea, research activity and step will lead to a more perfect family genealogy.
Find Your Actual, Factual Ancestors: A Genealogy Journey in 8 Steps is an ebook available for a donation of $9.99 with the first chapters free. Go to and click on download now.

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