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Good Words About These Histories

"I have finished reading the Panaca portion of your [George Allen Wadsworth - Pilley to Panaca] book.  I love it! Well done! " C. Pete Peterson


"You are such a gifted writer. I love reading your stories!...It is so important to provide the new generations with that link to the part of their family they have never known. And you are doing a wonderful job at it."  Jill Shoemaker

"That's awesome that you have been able to get so much of your history recorded, you have a real talent for writing it down and making it interesting and easy to read.
  Thanks for everything!"  J. Linford

Who are your ancestors?

Do any of these last names sound familiar: Rollins, Hollingshead, Free, Wadsworth, Terry or Lee?

Did your ancestors settle in Utah or Nevada? If so, you may find their histories by clicking on Family History Books Above.


The history of the world is not complete until it includes yours!